Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance

Do you accept my insurance?


  • We accept most orthodontic insurance plans.


Do you offer payment plans?


  • We do offer no interest payment plans.
  • We offer customized payment options to meet our patients' needs.


Can I have coverage by more than one policy?


  • If you have coverage from more than one insurance policy we will help you file all of your claims.
  • You may not receive 100% of your secondary insurance, but we will help to get you all that you should receive.


Will you help file my Orthodontic Claim?


  • We will contact your insurance company for you.
  • We will determine your coverage as well as any coordination of benefits with another insurance policy.


Can my insurance reimbursement check be sent to you?


  • In many cases the insurance provider will send the reimbursement checks directly to the office.
  • This allows you to deduct the amount of the insurance reimbursement from the treatment fee and you only pay the balance
  • We offer no interest payment plans for the balance with monthly payments.


Is Orthodontic the same as Dental Insurance?


  • Some dental insurance plans do not include orthodontic coverage.
  • Orthodontic reimbursement is lifetime, not annual.
  • The amount of your benefit covers the patient for his/her lifetime and does NOT renew annually.


What happens if my Coverage Changes?

  • If your insurance policy changes during treatmentwe will file your new claim and help you receive reimbursement through the new policy.
  • If your lifetime orthodontic maximum increases during treatment we will help you obtain any additional reimbursement.
  • Any policy changes after treatment cannot be filed for reimbursement.
  • Loss of coverage during treatment may reduce your maximum benefit.


How do I find out if I have orthodontic coverage?

  • Just call our office, we will contact your insurance company and determine your coverage for you.


Any other questions?

  • Just call our office! We will be happy to help you!

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